Rewards? Partners? Multiple assets?

Welcome to the Plue Ecosystem

Our semi-closed-loop network and rewards platform make Plue so much more than a wallet.

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Introducing a new ecosystem you should definitely be a part of.

Increase customer loyalty while simplifying your incoming and outgoing crypto payments.

With Plue Coin rewards, easy sign up process and multi-currency capabilties, there are many reasons your customers will love Plue.

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Off-chain validation means no waiting, no blockchain fees and increased privacy as transfers do not appear on the public blockchain.

Off-Chain Validation

No fees. No delays. Private.

Users simply choose a password and enter a PIN to activate their Plue account. New account setup is even easier than creating an email address.

Easy Onboarding

Rapid adoption by users.

The Thru Plue™ marketplace will feature instant fulfillment through partners. Buy e-gift cards, access exchanges or even pay a bill.

In-App Marketplace

Spend rewards right in the app.

KYC is not a roadblock to usability, as all customers can transact in crypto. With KYC complete, more options become available for deposit and withdrawal.

KYC Optional

A major user pain point is no more.

Within Plue’s ecosystem all transactions are instantly confirmed and validated by Plue. Transactions are immediately reflected in the available balance.

Instant Gratification

Instant, as in: INSTANT.

Our system also allows merchants to pull payments or send single/mass payouts with ease. Payouts in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens are free.

Pull payments. Free payouts.

Real game-changers.

The easiest onboarding in the industry.

Not only are payouts FREE,
they're easy for everyone.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to new technology (no matter how great it may be) is user adoption. Consumers are often set in their ways, and a complicated sign up process to a new service can stop them dead in their tracks.

Plue removes all the hoops that users typically have to jump through. Upload a single file with your payment data or call our convenient API and we do the rest. Existing users will have their balances instantly adjusted. New users will be prompted to create a password and enter a PIN...and that's it.


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