A new way to receive, store, spend and earn cryptocurrencies.

Plue - It’s off the chain, instant and rewarding.

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Currently supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar.


Revolutionizing the way cryptocurrency is used.

Plue unleashes the true potential of your cryptocurrency.

Plue allows you to use your crypto like money. You know, the way currency is supposed to work. Plue makes using cryptocurrency a free, simple and instant experience for even the most unseasoned user. Not only that, but for every purchase you make, Plue rewards you with cash back. You can also track your earnings and view all transactions from within the app.

Earn Plue Coins

Our bonus coin is earned as cashback on purchases - an asset which grows in value alongside Bitcoin. Cash it out, spend it or convert it to another cryptocurrency of your choice.

Multi-Asset Wallet

With a single username and password you gain access to your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar assets. Plue offers you both convenience and state of the art security.

In-App Marketplace

Thru Plue™ features partners offers for in-app e-gift card purchases, bill payment and more. Avoid blockchain fees and delays by paying straight from your wallet.

Instant Shift (beta)

Quickly and easily convert between crypto assets without ever leaving the safety and convenience of your Plue wallet. No fees incurred on the asset conversions!

Convenient, free and secure.

Plue is a cryptocurrency utopia.

Imagine the Plue app as a tiny, very safe country. Everything you do within the app is local and does not incur fees. You are a citizen of Plue and you are free to transact as you wish within its walls.

Change one cryptocurrency for another.

Buy e-gift cards or pay bills on the Thru Plue™ network.

Send and receive payments to and from other Plue users.

Plue is also a safe haven, with a zero percent crime rate. The majority of user assets are kept in secure cold storage, so you never have to worry about the safety of your cryptocurrency.

Plue for Apple
Plue for Android

Rewards with real value.

Earn Plue Coins.

Plue Coins are an amazing incentive. With each purchase you make online you'll earn Plue Coins, which you can exchange for other cryptocurrencies, spend or keep. The value is pegged against Bitcoin, so as Bitcoin grows in value, so you do your Plue Coins. They never expire and can even be spent at participating Thru Plue™ merchants in the app.

You'll also notice merchants in our network offering Plue Coin promotions, such as "Get Double Coins Today" or "Get 200 extra Plue Coins when you buy this item!" These special promos are an even faster way to earn, so keep an eye out for them.

Sign Up

The process is simple.

How it works.

  1. From the shopping cart, select Plue as your payment method.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Choose from your available cryptocurrency balances.
  4. Earn a reward on your purchase.
Get our app today and start using cryptocurrency to make purchases.


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Three ways to get involved.

An ecosystem everyone can thrive in.

Read on to learn how Plue can change the way you use cryptocurrency.

Be a Plue User

Use our wallet app and earn valuable crypto cash rewards on your purchases.

free app & cashback

  • In-App Rewards Marketplace
  • Multi-Asset Management

Be a Plue Merchant

Enjoy merchant advantages such as pull payments and free crypto payouts.

free payouts

  • Off-Chain Validation
  • Easy Onboarding

Be a Plue Partner

Showcase your brand by fulfilling rewards for an expanding network of Plue users.

free exposure

  • Very Large User Base
  • Easy to Integrate

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